Welcome to the USAFSS 6910th 50’s Group, Landsberg

If you served in the USAFSS 6910th Security Group during the 1950’s, we have been looking for you! This web page is an attempt to unite USAFSS buddies who served together in Europe at Landsberg Air Base (LAB)…

Most of us were born in the early 1930's. We took Basic Training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio and then OJT'd in Traffic Analysis, Crypto, or Russian language AFSC's. (Many of us OJT'd at Brooks AFB in San Antonio.) When we finished school, we were fortunate to get orders to Germany instead of Korea, where we were assigned to the 6910th Security Group. The 6910th was first at Cambri Fritsch Kaserne in Darmstadt, later at Landsberg Air Base, and still later in Augsburg. This website is devoted to those who served together at LAB...

Hey, if you don't quite fit this profile you are still welcome here! Look around and maybe we can point you to other USAFSS units in the European Theatre of Operations.

Finally, if your dad, brother, etc. served in the 6910th and you are interested in what they did—
but never talked about—you are especially welcome to these pages of our memories.

A/1c Ray M. Thompson AF18410468 (Founder)