FEBRUARY 2012: I’ve rebuilt and revised this site and will be gradually adding both old and new material. Let me know if you have something to contribute relating to the 6910th at Landsberg.
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After our four-year enlistments, most of those I served with in the USAFSS returned to civilian life and gradually lost contact with each other. (
We had the lowest re-enlistment rate in the AF!) I took my GI Bill and went back to college for the second time, got a BSEE degree, married, and went to work for Collins/Rockwell in Dallas, Texas.

Forty years later, when I got on the Internet in 1995, I began searching for some of my old USAFSS Buddies. I found some of them, they knew others, and with their help I organized a group I named The USAFSS 6910TH 50's Group. I started an e-mail list and published several newsletters. Eventually we built a website to share old pictures and personal remembrances. During later years we held two great reunions.

Frankly, after our very successful reunions, activity in our group began to decline… We began reporting too many funerals; people retired, moved, and other things became more important. Still, I’ve tried to keep the flag waving for my 6910th/Landsberg Buddies and our memories. I’ve maintained a presence on the web and often gets e-mails from those Googling “691oth.” (There are several incarnations of “6910th” besides Landsberg that cause confusion!) Nowadays it is often the
children of my USAFSS Buddies, searching for details of what their fathers or brothers did during the “Cold War” era—that they never talked about…

I think most of us would admit we have longed to tell our family and friends something of what we did. So, this site is also dedicated to telling at least some of those stories—at least as we remember it—for pride and posterity, I guess. We’ve not revealed any real secrets, and only skimmed the surface of what was a very complicated intelligence gathering mission, but we hope you will enjoy some of our postings…

The "Original" USAFSS 6910th Group This is my own name for them, as they were the first group that I found on the web. I discovered that they had been having reunions for years! My USAFSS Buddy Foye Davis and I actually attended one of their reunions in Oklahoma, but we didn’t know anyone in their group as they were mostly Comm. Center AFSC's, as opposed to Operations AFSC's. 6910th Security Group - Darmstadt to Augsburg In 2???, a new 6910th Group appeared on the internet. This group embraced a wider membership, with the tag line: "From Darmstadt to Augsburg." (The 6910th was first stationed in Darmstadt, then Landsberg, and finally Augsburg, before being disbanded.) They also extended the profile of their group to those that served through the 1970’s.

Info: http://www.angelfire.com/co4/6910thd2a/index.html

From Their Website: The 6910th Security Group was home to many Air Force men and women from the 1950s to the 1970s.(The 6910th was closed for good in Augsburg on June 30th 1974.) Our website serves as a public portal to allow alumni of the 6910th to register as a guest on our public website and/or register to become a member of our semi-private group on MyFamily.com. This group welcomes all who served in the 6910th from the 1960s to the 1970s. It is a "Community Meeting Place" to exchange news, stories, pictures, email addresses, chat, etc. The website is considered semi-private because it requires a formal invitation to access. This allows our members to keep their personal information (email address, home address, etc.) in a member-password protected environment. The purpose of our MyFamily.com website is to bond together those that served in the Cold War, working together for the common purpose of defeating the Evil Empire and protecting our Country from aggression. Those bonds were formed by a hard-work ethic, an uncommon desire for fun, a desire to be enriched by a foreign culture, a competive spirit in Flight rivalries, and a love of good German Food and Beverage. Although the focus of this website is for those that served the 6910th in the 1960s and 1970s, all alumni who served in the 6910th are welcome to join, this includes alumni spouses and dependents.